body parts and accessories needed

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body parts and accessories needed Empty body parts and accessories needed

Post by forcefull1 on Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:02 pm

Looking for the following for various in-process customs.

Buzzer – head
Flint (1985 or 1988) arms – need 9 pairs (paint wear fine)
Hawk (1986 or 1997) legs – need 7 (discolored, paint wear, loose knees fine)
Cesspool helmet (plug not needed)
Cesspool helmet with plug
Iron Grenadier torso
Payload Star Brigade (black) – arms x2, waist x2, legs (loose knees fine)
Nullifier – complete (discolored, paint wear, loose knees fine)
Hydro-Viper – spear gun
Shipwreck Battle Corps, '98, or '02 (internet) – right arm x2, left arm (discolored, paint wear ok)
Action Sailor – scuba tank x2
Depth Charge v1, v2 or Heavy Water v1 – spear gun x2 (or any color variant)
25th Cobra Diver / DVD pack Baroness – pistol (or any color variant)
25th Tripwire – mine (or any color variant)

Cryo-Freeze Sgt. Savage – cryo-freeze chamber
Arctic Stormtrooper – backpack, catapult
Jungle Camo D-Day – cliff climber
Urban Attack Dynamite – motorcycle


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