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Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

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Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Empty Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

Post by Dark Perceptor on Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:47 am

"The Siege Breakers are the GI Joe's tactical urban infiltration team; composed of men and women who specialize in urban combat using stealth, subterfuge, sabotage, and guerrilla warfare in cities occupied by Cobra's Dominion Forces."

I've wanted to do a Shockwave custom for what seems like forever... he has always been one of my favorite figures from the ARAH era. So when I set out to make an urban squad, Shockwave was a must-include... his SWAT background and DEF experience make him an ideal member of the Siege Breakers. For this custom, I started with his original bulky torso and a similar color scheme to Wreckage... but after a "short" break, I decided that he'd look too much like his Nightforce or Convention counterparts and set about to make some changes. I thought the Marauders vest would be ideal for a door-kicker, and so neeeded a slimmer torso to accomodate the vest. AVAC's torso not only fit the size requirements, but gives the look of an armored BDU, imo. (hey, i'm no expert, lol) Then I decided to go with urban camo, just because I need to do more camo... and I think it turned out alright. There's one or two tweaks I'd like to go back and do... but for now, it's on to the next piece. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy.

Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Shockwave1

Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Shockwave2

Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Shockwave3

Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Shockwave4


Head: '88 Shockwave
Torso: '86 AVAC
Arms: '86 Low Light
Waist: '86 BATs
Legs: '92 Shockwave
Vest, Shield: Maurader's

The Siege Breakers... so far:

Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Wreck_shock
Dark Perceptor
Dark Perceptor

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Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Empty Re: Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

Post by ucsf on Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:18 am

A masterpiece! I always loved Shockwave, the guy is such a good looking close combat fighter. Well done!


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Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Empty Re: Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

Post by copperbob on Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:46 pm

That Urban Camo Shockwave is killer I know you said it has a Maruader vest but is it from a differant line that GI Joe


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Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Empty Re: Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

Post by Faust on Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:54 am

Fantastic concept and a flawless paintjob! Good stuff

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Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Empty Re: Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

Post by cyko on Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:40 pm

I love it! That Power Team Elite SWAT vest balances out his slightly-large head. Fantastic detailing, too.

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Shockwave (Siege Breaker) Empty Re: Shockwave (Siege Breaker)

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