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Faust Customs

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Faust Customs Empty Faust Customs

Post by Faust on Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:45 am

Here's some of my finished work for you all to comment/critique

All comments and criticisms are welcome, even if you think they may be negative.  

Most of these come from the abandoned Project ARAH site, but I have been working hard making new customs and developing new skills for this art form.  

Black Major
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms001THEBLACKMAJOR
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms004THEBLACKMAJOR
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms002THEBLACKMAJOR

Cobra Commander (I have since resculpted this head and think the newer one I made looks much better.  Pics soon)
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms012COBRACOMMANDER

1991 Snake Eyes repaint (I always thought the original paint scheme made him look like a Cobra agent)
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms0131991SNAKE-EYES

1993 Duke redux
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms007DUKE

Ninja Force Snake Eyes
Faust Customs P4190030
Faust Customs P4190035

Flash (still technically a WIP, but it is 99.99% done)
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms016FLASH

General Mayhem
Faust Customs P3040008
Faust Customs P3040010
Faust Customs P3040005
Faust Customs P2270012

"Ultimate" Snake Eyes
Faust Customs P6120016
Faust Customs P6120014
Faust Customs P6120017

Faust Customs P1050010

Courser (Joeba Fett)
Faust Customs PA260025
Faust Customs PA260007
Faust Customs PA260030

Black Out
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms011BLACK-OUT
Faust Customs GIJoeCustoms010BLACK-OUT

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Faust Customs Empty Re: Faust Customs

Post by Rambo on Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:53 am

You have some nice customs. I like how Duke and NF Snaky look.

Faust Customs Gijoe_colombia_CS Faust Customs Own-logo-small

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Faust Customs Empty Re: Faust Customs

Post by ucsf on Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:21 pm

You have some really nice updates to figures with some excellent touches. Great work!


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Faust Customs Empty Re: Faust Customs

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