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ARAH Shadow Tracker casts

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ARAH Shadow Tracker casts Empty ARAH Shadow Tracker casts

Post by forcefull1 on Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:40 pm

This is another terrific sculpting by Krexx.  As I understand, it was originally offered through Slayer, but most people who ordered one never received their purchases.  Roberto Parras was kind enough to share his head and torso, allowing me to cast it so that anyone else who wanted one could finally receive it.
The pieces I cast from have a quirk or two.  The neck and ball are just a bit thick and don't fit the ball cradle in the torso.  For my own custom piece, I chose to grind the cradle out of the torso on my custom since the dreadlocks help hold the head in place.  It was going to be too difficult to sand down the neck and ball with the dreadlocks spilling all over the place.  I didn't want to nick any of the hair.
The screw hole is a bit too deep and a standard Joe screw isn't long enough to fit into the torso front. I didn't want to try drilling the back out, so I used a longer screw from a Talking Battle Commander backpack.
A hand vise will drill out the small hole needed for the screw threads.  This step is necessary for pretty much all torso casts I've seen.
The torso casts turned out great, and just need a little sanding and fill along the edges.
The hair is difficult to cast, and I've had several casts where the hair has come out a little short.  It is difficult to see with the black resin if it completely fills the mold's hair detail.
The hair will need a little sanding to remove flash.  The hair mold is complicated and has several flash lines to allow the finished head casts to get out of the mold.
As with other casts I've sold, all net proceeds will be put toward a future sculpting commission. I am not looking to make any money on these parts.

Torso – specify if you prefer undyed or black - $5
Head – black dye - $5
Head – undyed - $4
Head – black dye with dreadlocks that are a bit short due to unfilled mold - $2

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ARAH Shadow Tracker casts Empty Re: ARAH Shadow Tracker casts

Post by forcefull1 on Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:07 pm

Just dropping a note here:
I need to return the original pieces to their owner. If you want a cast, you might want to order now, rather than later. I cannot guarantee that this mold will last for too many more casts. The dreadlocks put a lot of strain on the mold, and I won't be surprised if it fails soon. I can't guarantee that I will have casts available from this mold long into the future as I won't have access to the original pieces to make new molds if needed.


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ARAH Shadow Tracker casts Empty Re: ARAH Shadow Tracker casts

Post by Rambo on Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:43 pm

Nice work Brian!

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ARAH Shadow Tracker casts Empty Re: ARAH Shadow Tracker casts

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