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A couple unnamed customs

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A couple unnamed customs Empty A couple unnamed customs

Post by forcefull1 on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:35 pm

Both unnamed, and military specialties need to be determined.  I'm ready for your suggestions!

Head: Salvo cast in African skin tone
Torso: Snake Eyes '85 with Krexx's Daina pockets added
Arms:  Roadblock Battle Corps
Waist: Shipwreck '85
Legs: Mutt '84

Testors Flat OD Green
Folk Art Coffee Bean
Craft Smart Black
Deco Art Americana Khaki
Model Masters Neutral Grey
Testors Gold
Apple Barrel White

A couple unnamed customs DSC01371_zpsueo2p3eh

Head: Bronze Bomber Cool Breeze cast
Torso: Big Kev vest cast
Arms: Heavy Duty '91
Waist: Roadblock '86
Legs: Shockwave DEF
Shotgun: Headhunter (stand-in until I pick up a Marauder pump shotgun)

Paints are the same as above.

A couple unnamed customs DSC01370_zpsh633hbu4


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A couple unnamed customs Empty Re: A couple unnamed customs

Post by the right of might on Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:36 pm

Lets keep it simple:

"BlACKhawk" real name: Farrah Aidid, MOS: stealing food and aid shipments... rose to fame for shooting down Blackhawks

"Warlord" real name: Mohamed Yusef, MOS: Cobra Boko Haram leader, MOS: kidnapping little school girls and selling them..

I see them as an African version of Dreadnoks
the right of might
the right of might

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A couple unnamed customs Empty Re: A couple unnamed customs

Post by cyko on Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:49 am

I really like the look of that Cool Breeze figure! Kinda has an Adventure Team look. Like a "good guy", anyway.

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A couple unnamed customs Empty Re: A couple unnamed customs

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