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Cobra Sniper update

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Cobra Sniper update Empty Cobra Sniper update

Post by copperbob on Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:23 pm

I talked with Krexx and he said the Cobra Sniper sculpt is close to being completed. Once Krexx shows me the finished product Ill share the pictures with the members. Krexx will then make casts of the parts and sell them for what it cost him to produce.
Im not taking any money towards the commission price I paid Krexx to have these parts made. I had hoped that the OWN members would get excited about the prospect of new O-Ring parts as much as they were over buying the parts made by Krexx a long time again that Veteran was to cast.
Im happy that a few members received parts but most thankful that Cyko received all the items he sent off. I was hard on Veteran but glad to be wrong about Cyko probably never receiving his parts. I know in hindsight it would have been a lot better to approach Krexx about casting the parts Cyko had since he was the original artist who sculpted them. It would have cost the members more but I have no doubts the orders would have been full. Im not going to go on anymore about that subject since it is in OWN;s past.
I have also done 2 personal commissions and which have been the Image Style Storm Shadow and Jungle shirt Kwinn. I had hoped to one day share these also but after a lot of thought I am unable to do to the cost of commissioning these parts. After a discussion with Krexx I decided that I was going to sell a limited amount of the castings on E Bay to the highest bidder. The profit I made I was then planning on using to lower my cost on future commissions which include Zanya and a comic accurate October Guard starting with Daina later this month.
A few members have contacted me about being able to purchase a set of my personal commission which I agreed to after a donation fee included in the price. I will have a set donation price for the members on OWN who contact me before I sell the rest on Ebay. I will share pictures on these sets as soon as Kwinn is finished later this month.


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Cobra Sniper update Empty Re: Cobra Sniper update

Post by cyko on Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:45 am

Great news! It's nice to see O-ring parts moving in a positive direction. Great idea choices, too.

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Cobra Sniper update Empty Re: Cobra Sniper update

Post by ucsf on Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:00 pm

Sounds great. I hope you're gonna achieve what you wanted, and get some amazing casts from KREXX. It's really cool that there are progression towards new parts.


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Cobra Sniper update Empty Re: Cobra Sniper update

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