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Cobra Sniper poll winner.

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Cobra Sniper poll winner. Empty Cobra Sniper poll winner.

Post by copperbob on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:54 am

The Cobra Sniper won the OWN poll and I know I said I was going to pay the commission to Krexx at the end of March. I decided Im going to pay the commission later this month instead so the Sniper parts should be for sale by mid March instead of mid April.
I also did a personal commission with Krexx which is already paid for and a secret until I can post pictures. Pictures of this commission should be coming in a couple of weeks. I also decided that besides the Sniper Im going to have Cool Breeze recommissioned too but as a few members on this site posted about me and Krexx proving ourselves it is now time for the OWN members to prove their support.
The Cobra Sniper parts will be available to all OWN members at the casting price from Krexx without a donation towards the commission price, which Im paying all by myself.
Any further commissions I pay for personally will not be made available unless the OWN members show they can come together. If the OWN members are able to unite and work together towards commissioning a new head torso and waist sculpt then I will have no problem making my personal commissions available to all members on this site.
The reason I started this all was to show that there are people on OWN who are honest and will not rip the other members off for their own personal means like Veteran. Ive worked as a police officer for 18 years and have no intention of taking anyone's money or parts like Slayer Dave and Veteran. who will be banned from purchasing the Cobra sniper.
Ive started this and by mid April you will see that Krexx and myself deserve your trust and we can get new O-Ring parts if everyone works together. I have the money to pay Krexx up front towards any future poll winners but Im not going to pay the commission price on my own without the members of OWN also helping with donations towards commissioning new parts.
I also talked to Krexx and Rambo about when the new parts are made the donating members will be able to buy the casts at Krexx's cost to make. The non donating members would have to pay extra money to purchase the casts to cover the cost the donating members already paid. Any profits would go towards the next commission lower the donating price of the OWN members.
If OWN members have other opions or options Im open to everyones ideas but lets get togather as O-Ring collectors to make this happen.

Thanks to all who took the time to read this post Robert Braeger


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Cobra Sniper poll winner. Empty Re: Cobra Sniper poll winner.

Post by Tim 121RVC on Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:30 pm

Cobra Sniper poll winner. 3f90f015db398c0d4b2d1c617ba6498f
Tim 121RVC
Tim 121RVC

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Cobra Sniper poll winner. Empty Re: Cobra Sniper poll winner.

Post by Rambo on Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:07 pm

I am with you Robert. You are a nice, generous and fair guy.

O-ringers. Me too would like to hear your voices.

Cobra Sniper poll winner. Gijoe_colombia_CS Cobra Sniper poll winner. Own-logo-small

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Cobra Sniper poll winner. Empty Re: Cobra Sniper poll winner.

Post by forcefull1 on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:22 pm

Thanks, Bob, for the generosity of footing the sculpting bill for the Sniper.
And thanks for taking the lead on future commissions.
I'm looking forward to what's coming!


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Cobra Sniper poll winner. Empty Re: Cobra Sniper poll winner.

Post by Kwinn_Lives on Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:53 am

I'm a longtime lurker, very interested in seeing these new parts see the light of day. I am absolutely prepared to make donations for future projects to keep this rolling.

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Cobra Sniper poll winner. Empty Re: Cobra Sniper poll winner.

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