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Closing the commission poll

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Closing the commission poll Empty Closing the commission poll

Post by copperbob on Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:41 pm

Been watching the poll and since it seems that everyone who is going to vote already has I decided to close the poll and announce the winner as being the Cobra Sniper with Cool Breeze coming in a very close second.
Im going to contact Krexx with the winner which I will then pay to have done. Im not going to lie or give false production dates like Veteran so latest I will pay for this commission will be March 25th. Im hoping to pay for the commissioned Sniper earlier than that date but March 25th is the latest I will pay to get these pieces done. I will keep everyone updated if I send out the payment early. Im on this site daily so Im not hard to contact if you have any questions.
Krexx stated it will take about a month to sculpt the head torso and waist. Krexx will then cast these parts and put them up for sale to everyone. Im hoping that the OWN members will show there support with the purchase of the castings and there is a market out there for new O-Ring parts.
If the support isnt there after everything Krexx and I tried to get this O-Ring community united fails I will just move on to personal commissions in the future.
I already have plans to commission the following head/torso/waist combos from Krexx prior to the poll winner.
The first which Im paying for in the next couple of days is a O-Ring version of the Image Storm Shadow to be followed by a O-Ring Kwinn based on the ME produced by Hasbro and seen in the original Marvel comics. I was hoping for Cool Breeze to win and since he came in second decided to just commission him also.
My decision to eventually have these commissions cast by Krexx and put up for sale will be based on OWN members. If they cant unite enough to commission some future projects every 2 to 3 months I will then just commission things for my private collection.
I hope once everyone sees that the purpose of this commission was to unite everyone on this site. Once you receive your parts it will bring back some trust and we all can all move forward.

Thanks to everyone who voted and took part in this poll Bob Braeger


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Closing the commission poll Empty Re: Closing the commission poll

Post by cyko on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:42 pm

Hell yeah! I'll buy some Cobra snipers from Krexx. 28 votes isn't bad; that's 64% of the registered members! Was it multiple choice? I can't remember. But once people are able to get their hands on something they can use, enthusiasm should pick up. There might be some future in custom O-ring parts if we can keep the process transparent and successful.

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