Billy and friends heads, and pockets

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Billy and friends heads, and pockets

Post by forcefull1 on Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:22 pm

Shipping: $4 for one or all in the US.  I'm happy to ship international as well.  Anticipate minor imperfections that a layer of paint will hide, including those casts with skin-tone dye.

All proceeds from Billy heads beyond the cost of the commission payment and mold materials will be put toward the next head commission.  You may want to sand down the area around the ball joints as those weren't as smooth as I'd hoped.  $5 each
Billy with eyepatch – swivel head
Billy with eyepatch – ball head
Billy no eyepatch – swivel head
Billy no eyepatch – ball head

I did up a Red Shadow mold for myself.  Thought I'd make them available here for anyone interested.  $5 each.
Red Shadow
Black Shadow
also available undyed
BB Cool Breeze head is a little large, but looks OK on bulkier swivel head torsos.  It would probably work well on most ball-joint torsos if you want to modify it.  I haven't tried yet.  The neck looks a bit thin and may need some work to thicken it to match ball-joint Joe thickness.
Bronze Bomber Cool Breeze - $5

I did a Salvo mold for Rambo by request.  Special price: $3 each for Salvo.
Salvo - $3
Viper head for Copperbob's request.  Special price: $3 each for Viper.
Viper - $3

Pockets shared by The Right of Might.  $3 per pair, or $2 individually.  Random colors.

There are still a few P:ARAH torsos left, and plenty of heads if you need any.  All proceeds from these P:ARAH items will go toward the next head commission.

Shameless plug: Check out my site for cheap figures.  I also have a ton of body parts and accessories not listed.  Send me your want list if you're looking for anything specific parts.


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Re: Billy and friends heads, and pockets

Post by Rambo on Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:05 pm

Thank you again Forcefull. THose heads look awesome.



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